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Anita Aysola Transports Nine Inch Nails'

American Songwriter: "Anita Aysola Transports Nine Inch Nails’ “Something I Can Never Have” Somewhere It Has Never Been"


Now This News Features Heartbeat:

"Anita Aysola’s powerful new song pays tribute to women in response to Georgia’s 'heartbeat bill.' "


World Beat UK 100 Best Anita Aysola

"One of the 100 Best of 2018"

World Beat UK

Anita Aysola in ARTS ATL

"The chance to finally meld all her different musical loves on the new album, "Aysola says, "felt like finally arriving home."


"You inspire me everyday and seeing you evolve as women and as artists is really amazing to watch." Honored to be featured by Thread Official on International Women's Day. Check out my full interview below.


Rolling Stone India Exclusive Premiere: Indian-American Anita Aysola Rallies For Women’s Rights on ‘Heartbeat’


Anita Aysola Sparks Self Expression and Confidence through Songwriting

aa - the observer-01.png

"'Beyond Our Dreams' by pianist and singer-songwriter Anita Aysola, is an album that has it all. Few songwriters can boast of having both detailed poetic lyrics and a unique, instrumental sound."


"Her creative genius is clearly evident from her creative use of Hindustani Music. Her album is one of the kind and needs to be treated as such."



 "Instead of divvying up her creative time between her American experiences and her Indian heritage, Aysola finds ways to smooth out a middle ground between Western influences and raga. As a result, her music represents one of the countless international communities that calls Atlanta home." Stomp and Stammer"


WABE: Atlanta singer-songwriter Anita Aysola explains why activism is central to her music

Anita Aysola

Dual Musicianship: Pianist and Hindustani Vocalist Anita Aysola Cross-Pollinates and Cultivates Personal Hybrids on Beyond Our Dreams​

Anita Aysola Browngirl Magazine

"Beyond Our Dreams is a fusion album with a highly relevant message about love, life and today's political climate."

Anita Aysola

Jazz Weekly - Ladies of Song

"Anita Aysola mixes moods between Norah Jones indie jazz with dashes of South Asian harmonies on this attractive ep."

GRAND JURY AWARD - Awareness Festival -
AWARD WINNER - LA Music Video Awards - 2
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